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Michael "The Professor" Vernon



 Michael "The Professor" Vernon has studied and played casino games

 for twenty years. A successful gaming aficionado, Michael has been

 teaching Playing 4 Keeps seminars for Blackjack and Craps for thirteen

 years. He's a featured instructor at many gaming events in Las Vegas.


 His passion for playing is exceeded only by his enthusiasm to share and

 empower others with his unique methods of winning. Michael teaches what he calls "applied metaphysics". "See what others cannot, know what

 others do not." Now you're Playing 4 Keeps!


 The articles below will give you a taste of Michael's unique perceptions,

 approach and strategy to casino gaming. We know you'll enjoy them.



  What really works?

"The Professor" Articles


The Do's and Don't of Dice Playbook


Head For The Gap! By Michael Vernon


Distance Between Sevens... By Mike From Hawaii


Call It Like It Is...


 How Do You Play the Game?


Thinking About The Money... 


Half A Banana...  


 Are You Ready to Play?


Dice Perception, Feeling Groovey


Information From an Unseen Dimension


If You Can't Stand The Heat


At The Oven's Door


Just For The Record


Jackpot Games - How Much Is Enough


Pinball,it's a lifestyle


Who's the Shooter?


Slumps Versus Money Management


Some Assembly Required


Table Manners




The $100 Challenge






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